This year on our annual Colorado hut trip my friend told me he felt more stable? We looked at him, 50 pounds of food and gear weighting him down at 10k feet. Did he mean mentally or physically? After ribbing him on his mental stability he explained that he has had a stand up desk for the last month.

The first time I saw a person with a stand up desk, besides the drafting department when I was an engineer, was ten years ago. It was an adjustable drafting table that had a computer on it. I have to admit the thought of standing all day is not appealing but on the other hand I was currently sitting for eleven to twelve hours a day then after getting home would promptly sit again. The only time I was not sitting was when I was sitting on my mountain bike…

So I got some boxes and a board and propped my monitors and keyboard up. The first week was hard, but after making some adjustments I find it very comfortable. I am more alert and I feel like a got a bit of a work out by the end of the day. Below are some quick bullets about a stand up desk.

  • It is better for your back
  • You do not fall asleep after lunch
  • Your legs are getting a mild work out
  • Increases calorie burning
  • Keeps insulin at healthy levels
  • Keeps HDL and Cholesterol at a healthy level
  • Tips for a comfortable stand up desk
  • Get a standing mat or small rug with foam under it
  • Get inserts for your shoes with good heel foam
  • Were comfortable shoes
  • Get a three foot stool to sit on for breaks
  • Don’t stand all day especially in the beginning. First try just standing a couple hours at a time then build from there. In now find I may read on the stool but always type standing.
  • Change your position, legs together, legs apart, leaning on one leg more than another.
  • Don’t put your elbows on your desk
  • Don’t lean into your desk with your belly
  • Keep you shoulders, hips , knees and ankles all in an imaginary straight line so your back is being supported by your bones more that your muscles. For example don’t lean, slouch etc.


Stand up desk exercises (for those that can’t stand still)
  • Stand on your toes
  • Stand on one leg
  • Stand on one leg on your toes
  • Stand on one leg with your knee bent, foot lifted  behind or one leg lifted to you side
  • Tuck your butt in, back up straight
  • Tuck your butt in and bend your knees slightly like if you where skiing, keep you back straight. This is actually a very comfortable position.


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